Safety Policies

Safety is a high priority in the ECE OpenLab. All users in the lab are required to complete and submit proof of online training for general and electrical lab safety. Please see the "Apply" section for details. In addition, prior to receiving access to the lab, all users receive a basic orientation to the lab and all safety features present.

  • If your card does not open the doors to the lab, you are not allowed in. Violators will be asked to leave.
  • All members of a group must have gone through the OpenLab application process, not just the team lead.
  • Always work in the lab with a partner or lab monitor present. No working alone!
  • In event of accident or emergency call 911 from emergency station phone in lab.
  • Do not eat or drink in the lab.
  • If using any equipment, please read any and all accompanying documentation, get appropriate training if applicable, and submit appropriate forms before using the equipment.
  • First aid kits are mounted on wall near emergancy phones. If used please, email to let us know what has been used. An empty first aid kit doesn't help anyone!
  • Safety glasses are located in containers around the lab. If used, please be sure to clean them and return them for others to use.

Other Policies

  • Please no course related homework in the lab. We want to keep plenty of room for projects!
  • No food or drink in the lab! Building stuff is plenty messy without Cheeto goo all over.
  • No sleeping in the lab. You snore... loudly...


No Homework
No Food
No Sleep