Test Equipment

One of the things we offer that is sometimes hard to find in maker spaces is electronics test equipement. If you are an ECE student you'll recognize some of the same models from your labs!

Test Equipment

Hard to fix what you can't measure!

Surface Mount Soldering and Rework Station

Use our two hot air tools, fine tiped soldering iron, hot tweezers, pre-heater, and microscope for surface mount soldering!

SMD Station

Free Hot Air!

Makergear 3D Printer

Print small prototypes with one of the labs three 3D printers!

MakerGear M2

PLA/ABS Extrusion Printer

Makerbot 3D Printer

Print large-scale prototypes with this larger printer!

Makerbot Z18

PLA Extrusion Printer

Battery Spot Welder

Weld tabs to batteries to construct larger packs!

Sunstone Spot Welder

CD Dual Pulse System

Vinyl Cutter

Precision cut vinyl and paper with this easy to use electronic cutting machine!

Silhouette Cameo Cutter

Vinyl / Paper Cutter

LASER Cutter

Quickly cut 2D parts with a 40" x 28" engraving area!

Epilog Fusion 40

75W LASER Cutter

Hand Tools

Hand tools, vices, and mechanical workbenches coming soon!

Tool Crib

Hand tools and more!

We have a variety of hand tools in the cage area at ECEB 2024. They are to be used in the lab only. Please email ece-openlab@illinois.edu. to get access to the cage area.

Wire Kits

We have 8 wire kits that can be checked out when lab monitors are present. Please visit the ECE Supply Center located in 1031 ECEB if you wish to purchase more supplies.

Wire Kits

Practice your untangling skills!

Each kit consists of:

  • 2 x scope probes
  • 2 x banana cables
  • 2 x banana to alligator
  • 2 x multimeter probes (with 2 clip adaptors)
  • 2 x multimeter to minigrabber
  • 1 x BNC to BNC
  • 1 x BNC to Banana

Flammable Cabinets

Solvents etc in the red one. Batteries in the yellow!

Red One

Solvents in here

We have two flammable cabinets to store volitile materials. You will need to have access to the cage area to use them. Please email ece-openlab@illinois.edu. to get access to the cage area discuss the materials you are storing.

Yellow One

Batteries in here

Storage Area

We have 20” x 24” x 12” storage containers in the cage area in ECEB 2024.

Storage Crates

Your stuff here!

Please email ece-openlab@illinois.edu. stating what you intend to store if you wish to use them.