Vinyl Cutter Guide

The Open Lab currently has a Silhouette Cameo cutter. All you need to do is prepare your artwork and bring your material. Please follow the guidelines below to make your time using the cutter as productive as possible!

Allowed Materials



Card Stock


Heat Transfer


Other thin cuttable stuff!

Maximum material size

12” x 10'

Getting Started

  1. Talk to a lab monitor to get training.
  2. Bring material to be cut (paper/vinyl/fabric, etc)
  3. Import your file (graphics file format) to Silhouette Studio
  4. Edit your file on Silhouette Studio if necessary
  5. Adjust blade height if necessary
  6. Send your file to the cutter using Silhouette Studio (Silhouette > Send to Silhouette)
  7. Load media (paper/vinyl/fabric/...) to the machine
  8. Start cutting!