Laser Cutter Guide

The Open Lab currently has one Epilog Laser Fusion (40” x 28”) laser cutter. Unlike other equipment, only lab monitors are permitted to operate the laser cutter. All you need to do is to prepare your artwork and bring your material, original vector file, and pdf file to the Open Lab. Please follow the guidelines below to make your time at the laser cutter as productive as possible!

Allowed Materials


Maximum material size

40” x 28” (Up to 3/4" depth of cut)

File Types

You can use any numeric or vector drawing package to prepare your file. Some common software packages are Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, PTC Creo, Solidworks, and Inkscape (free) The laser cutter apears to the software as a printer that can both engrave rastered images and cut vectors. Width of lines to be cut should be 0.001 and all other text and pictures will be engraved. Saving your final artwork to a PDF provides consistancy for the laser operator who may not be familiar with the drawing package you used.

File Specifications

  • File format - PDF
  • Page size - Same as the size of your material
  • Resolution - 600DPI
  • Margin - ≥ 0.25”
  • Line width for cuts: 0.001”
  • All other filled text, pictures, artwork, will be engraved.